Khenri Furniture

I was given a very cool piece by my aunt. It was cream colored with gold piping in the ridges with a huge mirror. Henri and I used to have a suite in our loft downtown so we had matching furniture and bedding. It went perfect with the creams, golds and soft pinks that I had the room in.

When we moved, I let Henri use it as her dresser, but secretly wanted it as my own. Except it did not match my new room decor.

So I decided to revamp it! I can do this for you with pieces as well.

Here’s the dresser/vanity before:

So I decided to do stripes across the top and keep part of the creamy color. I also touched up the gold ridged areas, and of course, painted everything else black.

And here is another little side table that was my great grandma Eunice’s that I reVAMPed.

I will be using the new piece as a vanity, with drawers for my hair products, make-up and jewelry. Next project will involve finding a gorgeous styled chair to design to match it!

Let me know if you need help styling something in YOUR home. I’m happy to come take a look!



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