When I’m not at home in my studio painting shoes and making sure you guys look fly, I also design a bunch of crap.

Calling cards are so IN right now. And I can help you get your pretty little paws on some great cards. designed especially for you. Of course, I do more than just designing business cards… you’ll get a taste for that here in a bit. But for now, here are some examples of business cards/calling cards I’ve done in the past.

My very first Khenri card.

My second Khenri card. I liked the feel of the first with the white space and the ambiguity, but I also started doing the menswear so I wanted to add a little manly touch.

And then when I released the Some Like It Haute campaign, I wanted something bolder. I also wanted it to showcase a pair of shoes and get the point across that you can have me design a pair of shoes to match an actual outfit.

Some other calling cards – one for a client here who liked the patterns of Ralph Lauren, so I incorporated this into the card. And left it blank on the back for him and his potential clients to write notes.

And this lovely lady loves fleur di lis (I’d done a pair of shoes for her previously with some on them). She’s fabulous in the social media world and needed something classy and fun to match her personality.

This card was designed for a salon (I did their whole rebranding as well). The strip on the back was designed to be able to write down the date/time of your next appointment. The card matched the decor of the salon.

And this new company (as of a couple years ago) needed a logo – so I designed the logo for the business and a card to match the vintage feel of the company.

When Fusion, a new boutique in Clive, were opening, I helped design their logo/mark and then took that design to their business cards as well.

For my fabulous designer friend, a clean-cut card.

Remember that calling cards/business cards are not just for those of you who have businesses. These are great for making contacts with other people and networking. Instead of having to fumble around with your phone or a pen to write any information down, you can always just hand them a beautiful card – full of your personality!

Ask me how I can help you bring the classy back!


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