Kindra Noel Show!

Kindra is having her first solo show and I’d love if you could join her in this awesome milestone! Her work is phenomenal. I really love all the work that she’s done but I know she’s been working really hard on this show and it’s tomorrow! The lines and techniques she uses are just flawless and effortless. They make for a beautiful piece. It’s most definitely worth your time!

Opening Reception February 8th from 6:00pm-9:00pm

Kindra Noel // Shades of Gray 

Shades of Gray is a new body of artwork (and it has nothing to do with the book if you’re wondering). The work illustrates transformation, exploring new territory, and a journey through an undefined position. Kindra’s work includes drawings, mixed media on canvas, prints, and a video of the artist’s process.

Art / Wine / Cheese / Video / Giggles / Shmoozn’

Appetizers will be provided by The Cheese Shop.



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