Happy New Year

Welcome to a new year! Most people decide to go to the gym or eat healthier, and if this is you – I hope that you can make those healthy changes for 2013.

My goal is to create even better designs for YOU. To push the envelope.

I have so many new designs that I have not shared with you yet, so if you are on the Facebook… stroll over there to check some of them out on the Khenri fan page. I even did a step-by-step of how I created a pair of shoes. A client brought me in a pair of her old brown shoes and I revamped them for a special NYE party at Americana. I’m not going to share the pics in this post because it’s so fabulous it will get its very OWN post.

But I will remind you that Valentine’s Day is RIGHT around the corner. And if you are into this holiday and need an adorably sweet pair of shoes for your night with your honey, contact me to assist you!

If you are a fella, I would love to make this Valentine’s Day the best of them all. Send me you and your honey’s dance song, a list of your sweetheart’s favorite colors or a special memory or phrase that the two of you share – and I can create a shoe solely for her. You’ll look like a KING and I’ll do all the work! Order a pair before January 20th and I’ll even throw in a special surprise for your Love Day!

And what did Frank Sinatra always say? …The Best is Yet to Come.

Wishing you the best new year!




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