Interview Series | Charlotte Dudley

This week we have the super sweet & sassy Charlotte on the interview series! Read on to find out about her artwork and what she does in her spare time! 
KH: Give us a little bio/description/background of yourself.
CR: I moved to Iowa in 1993 and graduated from Valley High School in 1998. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Visual Arts from Grand View (College) University in 2002. I have studied Drawing, Painting, Photography, fibers and ceramics (both Pottery and sculpture). I was also very lucky to have gone to Italy for a class at GVC. I joined Paintpushers in 2007 and was elected Vice President in 2008. I recently was elected President of the Paintpushers in 2011 and was the Show Director for this years 2 part show. In which we put on 2 full shows, the first in Des Moines that was inspired by classic art, architecture, sculpture, literature, and general life styles of those time periods and the second in Ames that was inspired by modern art, architecture, so on and so forth.
KH:You are so multi-talented! Let’s talk about your paintings first, How did you get started? What inspires or motivates you?

CR: Thank you! If you ask my mom, she would say that I got my start on her family room walls because “the paper wasn’t big enough”. I think that is probably pretty accurate since I really don’t remember what/where my love for creating started. I would create my own songs before I could write (none of them any good) and the same goes for art. I did get my first scholarship for art in the 4th grade from my school to attend a college level drawing class over the summer. Course for a 4th grader, summer school is summer school, so it really took a long time to sink in what that class meant.
As far as motivation….um…my honest answer is Paintpushers and a kickin’ concept. We really have a great group of artists in Paintpushers right now. Seeing them bring in work, and seeing the progress of their individual styles is very inspiring. Well, that and I’m a highly competitive person. So their is that too. But for the most part, if I have a great idea or new composition that really appeals to me, I think about it non stop until it’s done. My best friend says that when I get something in my head, it consumes me and I get a one tracked mind. I realize that can be a bad thing but it works for getting my head out of my rump and stop procrastinating.
KH: Who are some of your favorite artists? 
CR: Oh, I hate this question. I have an appreciation for all art. Even the stuff I hate has good things about it. I could tell you my favorite artitst from each style/movement/era, but this is really too broad of a question. I love Surrealism, Post Impressionist, Pre-Raphaelites, Graffiti and any and all Symbolism in art. I love a lot of local artist too. There is a lot of great talent in the Des Moines area!
KH: You recently started doing jewelry. Tell us about that!
CR: Cat’s Eye Jewelry is actually my sister, Cathy Redman, jewelry and I have been helping promote it. She started making jewelry this past year and it’s really amazing. She is really talented and has an eye for fashion. She took quite a few art classes in high school and college too but she really excelled in creative writing (until now lol) Our mother also has a background in art, so you could say that it runs in the family. (for great, locally hand made, one of a kind jewelry, go to Cat’s Eye Jewelry on Facebook and book a party!)
KH: Where an one buy or view your artwork?
CR: The best place for recent work is my Facebook page Charlotte Redman Art. To see older work as well as the new work, go to the Paintpushers website at anyone can contact me through either of those sites about purchasing a painting or where I will be showing next. Paintpushers has a Facebook fan page too, and we post work on that occasionally.
KH: When you go to the grocery store, what are your go-to items?
CR: Fat Free Hazelnut Non Dairy Creamer for my 4 cups of coffee I drink every morning and most weekend evenings! LOL! Other than coffee creamer, I’m a meat eater. It’s really rare for a meal in my house to have no meat even though my husband, Mike, could be and has been a vegetarian. I also buy a lot of garlic and onion because I cook with it  A LOT. Like it’s in almost everything.
KH: What is your spirit animal?
CR: LOL! I love it! Um you know that this is very much like a question that my girlfriends and I have asked numerous times. “If we were animals, what would we be?” My answer usually changes. People have said: walrus, turtle, butterfly. I would say that I would be either a Polar Bear (because they look white but under the fur they are really black. And who doesn’t want to hug a polar bear, I mean really, WHO?)  or a Duckbill Platypus (because they are all sorts of cute even though they are not your normal, run of the mill bunny or what not. P.S. The Platypus is also deadly poisonous. Little known fact, but true…I’ll digress)
KH: What do you do when you are not creating artwork?
CR: I am mostly found snuggling with my Mike on the couch watching Netflix, on the computer, or reading. I also hang out with my BBF at least once a week just to keep my head right and my marriage healthy.
KH: What is one of your most favorite pieces of work?
CR: Well, this question is really too broad for just one answer even if you mean out of just my own work.  My favorite painting I have ever done is a tie between “Divine Love” and “Through the Looking Glass” because they both have that bit of that magically whimsical mystery that I love so much. But, if you asked me that again in a few months, the answer would be different. The only answer that I can give you for this question is the three paintings that moved me to tears when I saw them in person. 1) “Scuola di Atene” by Raphael 2) “Cypresses” by Van Gogh 3) “Untitled” by Anselm Kiefer witch is in the Des Moines Art Center. 
KH: What advice do you have for young people pursuing their dreams?
CR: Never stop critiquing! Critique your own work and the work of others. It will help keep your up your motivation, inspiration and knowledge of modern art. But more importantly, TRY. Try anything you want to do. Trying is learning and learning is growing, and in the end, the artist that stops growing is the artist that stops working.
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