why canada is cool

while we are waiting to hear from our next interviewee this week (who is super cool and just had his work on NYTimes.com), let’s talk about what makes canada “cool.”

1. The temperature, obviously.

2. One of my favorite brands, since I was 14: Roots. I had a whole bunch of Roots clothing in junior high. Sad I got rid of most of them. But thankfully kept 2 awesome pieces: a beret and my favorite scarf ever.

3. canadian bacon. duh.

4. Hockey. And Alex Burrows. Am I right?

5. one of my favorite artists, DRIZZY

6. maple syrup.

7. basketball was invented by a canadian. weird, i know!

8. moose.

9. beavers

and the number 10 coolest thing about canada:


sorry, celine, you did not make the #10 list.

ooh maybe next time we can talk about the top ten coolest things in jamaica!

and don’t forget to vote for the sexiest american in des moines: me.

vote for sexy here


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