el dia de los muertos


If you didn’t know already, I am a total skull/day of the dead JUNKIE. My grandparents dislike coming over to my house because of all of the skulls staring at you. I also have lots of busts and faces, but I think the skulls are the most prominent. I wanted to share them all with you, but my lighting tonight was TERRIBLE. Plus, they are just way better in person.

But I did take photos regardless. I’m not going to call out some of the people who gifted me some of the things and of course, these are just the day of the dead things that are hanging in my living room. I’ve got a plethora of other day of the dead things laying around; such as, bags and jewelry, etc. Didn’t want to overwhelm anyone!

First piece on the docket. Frida and Diego! These are on parchment paper. I have 4 of them, which a dear friend gave to me from Mexico. One day these will be better framed.

A piece I did. It’s mixed media.

Skeleton holding skull. Piece on parchment from Mexico.

Sorry for the weird angle of this one (also from Mexico). It is very high up on my wall and I didn’t feel like getting a chair to photograph it. But I do have insanely long arms so that’s how I got this shot.

Vintage piece I found at an antique shop. It is a calendar. I really wanted the other months, but they were a little pricey – and there’s TWELVE months!

A really cool chick went to Texas and brought some really AMAZING things back for me. This is one of them.

This is another of the pieces she brought back for me. She’s so rad!

I bought this skull head from a tweaked out artist on Venice Beach. I don’t know, maybe I paid for more of his drugs, but it’s pretty cool. PLUS when I was trying to figure out which one that I wanted, he suggested this one because it was the only one with a notch cut in the top. His story “One night I was like drinking and I just took my machete and whacked it. It’s great to put a business card in. I had it for awhile but I decided to sell it.” SOLD. And obviously, I took his advice and put a business card in it.

Holla! Or Hola? Ha.. I won an award for a Day of the Dead painting I did.

Painting that won the award. It’s so cool. This picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a mixed media piece with india ink overlay.

Aforementioned rad chick gave me the skull beads and a friend brought me the little diorama from Mexico, I unfortunately forgot the city it came from.

See the little skull dog? So cute! He came from Texas. And the piece on the far right is So unbelievable. I need to find someone to fix it for me so it actually works. Then I would hang it on the wall so people could actually use it. Gift from some town in Mexico (again, forgot). My friend said he’d gotten it at an antique shop there and the story supposedly is that a mother made it for her kids to play with – SIXTY plus years ago. Anyway… it’s a little wooden box with doors that open to revel a few skeletons and they are all connected together with twine. There is a crank on the side that you turn and since all the pieces are connected they move together. Really remarkable.

This is Helga and Carlos. I used to own this REALLY awesome furniture from the Civic Center in Des Moines. Original furniture. It was the same blue in the painting. 9 piece sectional. Totally rad and totally cool for my downtown loft I had. During that time, I bought a blue beta fish to match the furniture and I painted these two guys to match it as well. I really love them.

An eggcrate crate that I painted for the Hard Hats High Heels girls when I was being interviewed on their show. It is now a showpiece where I put some of my favorite Khenri heels in.

I did this. It’s actually quite large. The skull itself is very detailed. Don’t know if that translates in this photo. And I like to read philosophy books, so I found the quote witty in conjunction with the subject matter.

I totally love this. My BFF gave this to me. It comes from Los Angeles.


Okay, that is all. I am constantly adding more pieces to my little collection. Maybe it’s out of control – maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s AWESOME.

I’m sure you’re wondering what everyone asks – Why do you like day of the dead stuff?

I love black and white, bright colors and lines. This is a way that I can have all of those things wrapped into one. The lines of the skulls and pieces of the body, black and white of the actual skull and then the infusion of the bright colors in either their clothing or the hibiscus flowers that usually are accompanied with day of the dead pieces.

I accept all Day of the Dead gifts. Ha.

Anyway, maybe later this week we can look at the Day of the Dead jewelry I have?

Watch tomorrow for this week’s interview. Right here!


















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