Interview Series | Katrice of My Vicarious Life

This week’s Interview Series is Katrice of My Vicarious Life. She is a powerful, positive and encouraging inspiration and that is why I chose her for for the series. She also has a great fashion sense and I wanted you all to see it! So sit back and do some light reading and then cruise around her site for great writings that will motivate you and also for great fashion tips!

HI! You are a stunning woman and although fashion might not be your day job, your fashion sense is incredible! Can you give us a little description/bio on yourself? Where you grew up, etc?

I grew up in Ohio and lived there most of my life before moving to Philly six years ago and then Atlanta not long after. I’ve been a writer most of my career but I also was executive director of a Big Brothers Big Sisters agency in Ohio and have taught as an adjunct college instructor. However, I knew in the 5th grade that I wanted to be a magazine editor after getting my first Teen Magazine subscription, so that kind of pulled me back into journalism after a brief break. I work for Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, a business lifestyle publication, full-time and I write my lifestyle blog – My Vicarious Life – in my spare time. 


What is your go-to drink at Starbucks?

I looooove love love the Mocha Coconut frappuccino Starbucks had for a while during the summer. I would get it every time if they still had it. Otherwise, I’m all about the Double Chocolatey Chip frap. It’s like a light chocolate milkshake. 

You recently went to New York for Fashion Week. What was your favorite part of the city? 

Harlem. Since reading about the Harlem Renaissance in high school I’ve had it in my mind to live there and write a book.


What is your favorite accessory? 

My favorite accessory, by far, is handbags. When I enter a store, I usually begin in that section. Even if I had something else in mind to purchase a handbag will derail everything. 

Do you have a go-to item that you like to wear more often than others? I have a pair of Levi’s Too Superlow 524” jeans that I live in. They fit me perfectly. 


You also completed a shopping fast! Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, can you share with us what inspired you to do it and how you made it through?  

I did it to take a step back after realizing that my closet was bursting with things I didn’t ever wear. I thought I needed to really take some time to look at my habits around shopping. I made it through by not going into malls or boutiques, curtailing my fashion magazine and blog browsing and with the encouragement of my friends and family. One of my friends even stopped shopping for 30 days to support me. That was a great boost.


So when you aren’t blogging about fashion and culture, what do you during the day? 

I steer the editorial department of a regional business lifestyle magazine in Atlanta – covering wealth building, careers, politics, lifestyle and culture. It is my dream job as I am able to give something – in terms of enrichment – back to my community every month.


What inspires or motivates you to blog? 

I am inspired to blog by the opportunity that I have to share my story of really going after the life I wanted to live as well as the access I have to wonderful people, places and things. I often feel like sometimes all we need is exposure to something to open our minds to it and so I use my site as a forum to constantly encourage my readers to live their best lives and to do it purposely.


What are the fall 2012 staples that we should be wearing? 

I’ve seen hints of denim and animal print. What are your thoughts on those? I’m really loving the graphic sweatshirts that I’ve been seeing everywhere. They’re so fun. I’d wear with jeans, parachute pants or a skirt. I’m also looking forward to rocking a camouflage jacket. I’ve seen so great looks, and the good thing is you can pick one up at your local second-hand store. And silk trousers for sure. My friend owns an online vintage resale boutique and she always has a load of spectacular silk slacks. Oh! And a fabulous oversized clutch.


What are your go-to items you grab when you head to the grocery store?

I love onion bagels as a snack, so those always on my list, spinach {I could eat it every day} and chocolate ice cream. I shouldn’t admit this, but I can and have eaten chocolate ice cream as a meal – including breakfast.


What advice can you give to young women/girls about pursing your dreams?

Be decided and don’t stop. A lot of times, I hear people say that they are in situations because they didn’t know of other options and fell into a “might as well” scenario, and I feel like a broken record with my response: It doesn’t have to be that way. Find out what is available to you and be tireless in going after exactly what you have your heart set on. Few people, if any, who are living their dream lives got there by chance. Know what it takes to get what you want and do that until you get there. And while you’re trying to get there, surround yourself with people who can keep you uplifted and focused. Dream chasing is hard work so you’ll need plenty of encouragement.

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