Interview Series | Sara Fakhraie

This week’s edition is one of the most talented fine artists I know, Sara Fakhraie. I have modeled for her on numerous occasions and one of her paintings of me is on display in my hallway. She also had done a painting of me that made the cover of a book printed by Grand View and my best friend owns this large painting of me, which is in his house in California.

1. Hey, Sara! Your work is absolutely unmatched and phenomenal! Give us a little background/bio on yourself.

I received B.A. from Grad View University in Iowa and MFA in Painting from University of South Dakota.

2. How did you get started painting? What was the one thing that drove you to paint?

I started to paint in high school. Though I do enjoy painting, I also like drawing just as much.

3. Who are some of your favorite artists?

Paula Reggo, Kiki Smith, Alice Neel and Francis Bacon to name a few.

4. What inspires you when you paint? Do you think about anything while you’re painting?

I am driven by connections I make with things I go through in my life and things I learn/experience.  Everything I do and people I meet have more or less contributed to what I create.  I also enjoy taking strolls by a river in the woods.


5. What is the largest thing you have painted?

A painting I did few years ago measured 8 ft x 15 ft.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

There’s a lot of places, but Great Britain is one of them.  Japan is another one.

7. Like myself, you’re a Grand View alum – what was your fondest memory of college?

The wonderful people I met–students, instructors and professors.

8. If someone would like to commission you for a painting or purchase your work, where can they do that?

I am in process of setting up Etsy shop online.  For now, please visit my website at and click About.

Sara is a great artist and I’ll make sure to keep you updated when her work goes live on Etsy. You will need to get your hands on a piece, as she has big things ahead of her!

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