Interview Series | Wesley Cook

This week’s Interview Series is featuring Wesley Cook, an artist from Atlanta, Georgia. I am so impressed with his work! Wesley will be doing a campaign very soon, to help with recording his album. And let me tell you, donate what you can (no amount is too small) as I would love to see another album come from him! This artist is very talented, so enjoy the interview and make sure to watch the video I’ve posted below!
1. Hey, Wesley, your work is amazing! Give us a little background on yourself.
Thanks for the kind words! I was raised in a very musical household and music from all over the world was always playing. I was born and raised first in the former West Germany for 10 years then South Korea for 7 years where I graduated from High School and then went to the University of Georgia for college. I’ve been a GA resident ever since but I still travel a lot for music.
2. How did you get into the music business? Any big motivators?
I’ve always had dreams of playing music since I was a kid. I would literally do air guitar solos in front of my stuffed animals. Yep, I’m still that lame too. My turning point was when I first was introduced to Dave Matthews Band when I was a kid, specifically the song “Satellite”. That put me over the edge and I started playing music live and really working on the craft. I kinda got off course when I got to college and I just “forgot” about it as the culture of college isn’t to go rogue from what the world says and pursue a career in music. I think it was best because if I had retained my passion I would never have graduated. Between me and you, I barely did as is. I worked Dave Matthew Band venue security a month after I graduated and it all came rushing back. Hard. I went home that night, did my first open mic and never stopped again.
3. Who are your musical inspirations?
Too many to list but the big boys are Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, as well as genres as a whole that I just plug into emotionally.
4. When you go to the grocery store, what are your go-to items?
I’m a bit of a gym rat and carnivore so I gravitate toward the meat section. I’m a paleo-diet type eater but when I have my “cheat days” I make a damn fool of myself. There’s a serious fat kid inside of me and he gets to shine sometimes.
5. How do we purchase or get a hold of your music? is THE resource for where I’m playing, how to connect, read my blog, buy music, etc… I’m on iTunes, Amazon and in most online stores. Otherwise, come to a show and say hi!
6. What was your most memorable show and why?
I have several actually, but the ones where people are really in tune with what you’re doing and you’re in the zone are always the best. Always, regardless of turnout.
7. Do you tour? If so, what was the coolest city you’ve performed in?
Yes, I’m on the road as much as I can. I toured to Buenos Aires, Argentina a few summers ago and that was extremely awesome.
8. What are your go-to clothing items? 
I’m a t-shirt and jeans dude, no question. Might mix it up with a button-up shirt but that’s about it. Not exactly a beacon for fashion am I?
9. You have great hair! Do you have a hair stylist? Do you use special hair products?
Karen Filos is a friend and local hair stylist who is the only person who cuts my hair at the moment. Not because I’m obsessive but I can never intelligently tell people what I want them to do with my hair and she just knew what I meant even with my terrible ability to explain. No secrets beyond that, I just shower and walk away. No product or anything like that.
10. What is your favorite TV show of all time?
Tough question. The Simpsons (when it was awesome) was pretty tough to beat but Modern Family and The Office have regularly given it a run for its money.
11. What advice do you have for artists in pursuing their dreams?
You must make sure you LOVE what you do and never forget that music, like any endeavor, is an endurance sport. NEVER give up, keep your ego in check, be willing to adapt and work hard. Also, don’t be a jerk to people. Everything in life is really about relationships. Keep your word, work hard and try to get better any chance you get.
Ending this reading, with one of my favorites from Wesley:
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