Interview Series 5th Edition | Atom’s Nightmare

Welcome back to the 5th Edition to the Interview Series by Khenri. Today’s interview is with the inspirational Atom of Atom’s Nightmare.
1. Hey! What’s good! Give us a little background info on yourself. 
My name is Atom St. George and I am a 26 year old surreal artist currently residing in Riverside, Ca.
2. How did you get started creating works of art?
I initially started making art as a coping mechanism soon after my good friend commited suicide on my 21st birthday (Halloween).  It was my way of escaping from reality and preserving my sanity.  As time progressed and shows came about, I realized that escaping was the last thing I was doing.
3. What drives your creativity?
In 2010 I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. Out of nowhere and among other symptoms, my hands and face went numb and I couldn’t even grip a pencil. After a very dark 5 months, my hands began to work again but with a numbing sensation that has not left. I then signed up at Otis College Of Art And Design and started my artistic mission known as Atom’s Nightmare. If I can go blind or be paralyzed today, I am going to be doing what I love. Period!
4. Some of your pieces look huge. What sizes do you normally work with?
I prefer working on a large canvas, anywhere from 18″x24″ – 48″x60″. I am obsessed with the intensity of large scale oil paintings  however a small canvas can be crucial for learning concepts that can later be transfered.
5. When you go to the grocery store, what are your key items that you pick up?
Being that I am on a strict diet to stabalize my multiple sclerosis, I go straight for the rabbit food.
6. Where can one purchase on your pieces and do you do custom pieces? If so, what is the coolest custom piece you’ve done?
My art can be purchased on my Etsy: or on my official site:
7. Who are some of your favorite artists?
Among many others, Im inspired by the work of Salvador Dali and M.C Escher.
8. Do you remember your first work of art? What was it?
I did a piece 2 years ago called “Nightmare Material”  18″x24″ with prismacolor pencils (took over 100hrs)  that is so special to me that putting a price on it just sounds absurd. This was the first piece of art that came out of me when I regained control of my hands when my multiple sclerosis went into remission.
9. Many artists have some sort of connection to their art when they were young – did you always doodle when you were little? When I was in kindergarten I was making booklets out of my uncle’s old stationary. They were little stories about animals and I would staple them together. To this day, I enjoy making booklets. 
Before the unfortunate events mentioned, I never considered myself an artist, more like a daredevil/risktaker. I had hobbies such as scuba diving, skydiving, kickboxing and I was even going for my private pilot liscense, all things I cut out when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But guess what? The same amount of adrenalin pumps through my veins in the midst of a masterpiece as when I use to skydive, risk free!
10. What is your spirit animal?
1. “Smoke And Mirrors”  14″x18″  Oil On Canvas
2. “Social Security”  14″x18″  Oil On Canvas
3. “Trick Or Treat?”  24″x48″  Oil On Canvas
4. “Eden” 36″x48″ Ink On Canvas
5. “Nightmare Material”   18″x24″  Prismacolor pencils 
6. “Blind Alley”   18″x24″  Prismacolor Pencils
Thank you, Atom, for being such an inspiration to us all! Keep up the fantastic work!
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