All things Pantone and Paint Swatchy

If you were not aware I am also obsessed with Pantone everything! And paint swatches. In college, I used to get paint swatches and line them up across my bedroom wall to add color to the room without painting. So my love for color and the like has been growing for a long time. I am glad to see that there are other options to do with paint swatches and all of the wonderful things you can purchase that is Pantone related.

I love this idea because there are quite a few places that you can’t paint. Easy option!






Mobiles. Love! Plus how pretty are these colors!






Making a garland. Cute. Great idea.







Coasters! Easy to do by yourself with tile pieces and a little imagination!












Learning new words!





A matching game! I have played this with my daughter and she loved it!





Furniture… a big YES please!








Messenger bags!






Here is a painting I did out of paint swatches. I gifted it to my cousin and his wife for my cousin’s “Passed the Bar”, “Got a new apartment”, “Got married” gift. It hangs in their kitchen. And that makes me happy!





Because I am obsessed with Pantone, I decided to have a Pantone-ish Christmas theme last year. So I painted all the bulbs and made hanging snowflakes.

I then had a cookie Christmas party and so I made Pantone plates for my guests to put their cookies on and snowglobes for favors.





And a Merry Christmas garland and larger snowflakes too! My house was totally crazy, of course. This year I may do a Betsey Johnson themed Christmas. I haven’t decided yet!







All of these photos and links are on my pinterest board Paint Swatch Heaven so you can look at these and so many more!


Why don’t you go out today and make your day COLORFUL!




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