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Welcome back to our third edition of the Interview Series. Read carefully for the little treat that you as a reader will get!

Meet Adrienne Gross, photography genius behind just ADG.

I’ll preface this post by saying, just ADG is responsible for quite a few of the Khenri shoots, photos of my daughter and photos for my huge Hollywood glam birthday party invitations.

1. What’s up gangsta! Give us a little bio/background. 

Where to start, where to start . . . Grew up in a small town in Northwest Indiana where people pretty much only listened to John Mellencamp, then went to college at Indiana University where I often interacted with John Mellencamp. I was always interested in photography, but got REALLY into it in college (side effect of hanging with the band). I moved to Des Moines for law school eight years ago and haven’t left since. Well, I mean, I’ve left for vacations and such but I still LIVE here.

2. You recently debuted your photography business to the world. Congratulations! What inspired you to do this?

To be honest, the biggest reason was helping fund an expensive hobby. Kind of like the kid in college who gets a job to pay for their car, but needs the car to get to work. Kinda. And having a lot of entrepreneur friends. “If they could do, then I could do it.” So I did it. I just did it one day and stopped saying “I should” and just did. After all, I needed to fulfill the career aptitude test I took in college that had “Entrepreneur” as #1. (Also in the top five? Lawyer (DONE), chef, and spiritual leader.)

That, and having friends call me out as being a “photographer” and asking me to do shoots/recommending me for shoots really helped push me in that direction. I can be stubborn sometimes.
But really . . . I really love seeing someone’s face when they are so happy with the results of a shoot. That’s the #1 reason I’m doing this.

3. What is one of your most memorable photo shoots thus far?

Last month, I did a shoot with Mandy Mohr and it was made memorable by her daringness to get a great shot. Seriously–the girl is fearless. She LAID DOWN ON A LEDGE. Ten floors up. And didn’t think twice. And it doesn’t hurt the girl cannot take a bad picture. Seriously. Anyone who needs a model needs to grab her up.

4. What type of things do you buy when you go to the grocery store?

What’s a grocery store? Sadly I do not make it to the store for real grocery shopping too much. Lately I have been on a Trader Joe’s kick and I simply cannot leave the store without tamales and mochi ice cream.

5. Let’s talk about cats. Tell me a funny story about your roommate, Hank.

Hank. Oh Hank. He is my step-cat (aka roommate’s cat) and he is very interesting. I don’t even know where to begin. Last night, I came home and he made the scariest face ever. He was yawning, but staring right at me with evil eyes. He would not break eye contact. I almost had a nightmare.

6. Who did your logo? It’s so nice!

I bought it online. I kid, I kid! This chick named Keelia hooked me up with it. She does good. She took what I said I liked and based on my personality, font preference discerned from the naked eye, and direction created it. It was painless and I couldn’t be more pleased! 🙂

7. How can someone book a session with you?

Several different ways! You can visit my website,, and there is a link for booking inquiries where you can fill out a form. Or visit my facebook site — — and send me a message or post on the wall! OR! You can always email me at And there’s twitter, too – @justadgphoto

And I’ll tell you what . . . the first new customer who says they heard about me through this blog post will get $25 off a session!

8. You take a lot of pictures of babies.. what’s your funniest baby story??

Babies. Oh man. Babies are great but TODDLERS are the best! You’ve seen me at action with toddlers–they just love me! So fun. And I can somehow keep up with them and get them to cooperate. Note I did not say sit still. 😉 I have learned with photography you really need to watch your word choice. I was doing a SESSION with a baby the other day and I mistakenly accidentally told a friend I was excited to shoot a baby after work. I got a weird look.

I did have a baby once try to eat my camera. Luckily, I found it funny.

9. Do you get any inspiration from other photographers? If so, who do you most enjoy?
Oh yes! One of my biggest inspirations is my old photo locker buddy, Becky Drolen ( We started together in intro to photo together in college and shared a locker. And she’s stuck with it and has had big time exhibitions and gets to TEACH photography in colleges! Her images are so simple yet haunting; they all draw emotive responses.
Another inspiration has been Kristen Barker ( &, for interesting reasons. We went to high school together, where she was much younger than me and I kinda watched out for her at parties. Then we went to the same college and our time there overlapped a year. She got in to photography in college, then started working with a photographer once she graduated and just put everything she had into being a better photographer and it has paid off. Watching her develop her art and her eye and just grow up has been so inspiring.
Finally, my cousin Sam ( Here’s someone with just a natural knack. He does nature photography and . . . wow. He’ll just go out in his kayak with his camera for hours and patiently wait for the perfect shot. Such a great eye and not a large amount of formal training.
10. I’m dying to know.. what is your spirit animal?

It’s a raccoon.

From fashion to lifestyle to bands to events to faces, Adrienne does a fantastic job capturing what you want to be captured…or something you never even saw to begin with.

*If you are an artist and interested in being interviewed for the Interview Series, please holla at yo girl.

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