DIY: Clothes Rack

I had purchased one of those $10 Target stand-alone clothes racks. Either it was just cheap or I put it together incorrectly, but within a couple of days it fell apart! Leaving me with a mess and lots of weird duct taping.

So I was trying to figure out a cute way to make a clothes rack. I have drawn tons of sketches, trying to think of just the right way that would fulfill my clothes racks need.

Then I decided! I decided to get brackets and a dowel rod and make the clothes rack on the back of my bookshelf. I have seen really cool clothes racks made out of pipes, but I needed something I could do myself. Let me tell you using a level while holding up a dowel rod and a bracket by yourself is tricky!

I chose this bracket because of the spiral holes. Then I just found a thicker dowel rod that fit in between the holes. PS: Don’t ask hardware store employees questions regarding “fashion” because they will look at you like you’re stupid. Also, don’t wear a dress.

Ignore the books in the background. But here is where the dowel rod went through the spiral hole.

And voila! I will eventually paint the dowel rod black or wrap it in tulle.

And since the dowel rod was longer, I am able to hang scarves and hats off the end.

Eventually I will paint the back of the bookshelf.

Here’s the front of the bookshelf. I have used the top to set my favorite heels on and some of my hats.

So here is the room with the new clothes rack in the lower right hand corner.

I’m giving myself an A+ for this project!

My next project will be making one for my daughter’s room. This way I can put it at her level so she can reach it all by herself!


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