With friends | Creme Cupcake + Dessert = YUM

My friends and I decided to get together for a little adult-girl time, which I have a hard time remembering to do!

Outfit from H&M (I love this store), jewelry: vintage pearls and necklace from one of my BFFs, bracelet cuff from Juicy Couture, leather bracelet made by a Peruvian person which I purchased in Palm springs, skull bracelet purchased from some random dude on Venice Beach, Betsey Johnson skull watch as a bday gift from another BFF, earrings by Givenchy. Shoes by Khenri. Clutch from The Limited.

After these great photo ops at the Mexican restaurant, we strolled down to the BRAND NEW trendy dessert bar.

The dessert bar was packed and there were cupcakes everywhere. I think it’s a great place to be able to go to when on Ingersoll! Ingersoll is picking back up again! How does shopping at Tandem Brick, then having some dinner at Bistro Montage and dessert at Creme Cupcake sound?! Divine! I will be going back to Creme, you can count me on that! Waitstaff was superb as well!

And while you stroll down Ingersoll, there are lot of places for photo ops! Duh!

Everyone talks smack about Des Moines living, but if you can – try and appreciate the city for what it has to offer. You can help things grow by shopping and dining locally.

Let me know what your favorite places to dine are! I am all for experiencing what the creative people who live and work in Des Moines can come up with!

When I’m not dining at trendy new places (while everyone was eating food on a stick at the Iowa State Fair) I am sending out letters in hand-crafted envelopes:

I love bright colors (as you know) and I love meeting new people! If you need help making something look beautiful, give me a shout!

Have a happy hump day!

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