Fabulous Friday

Today really is a FABULOUS Friday!

So I wanted to share some Khenri swag with you…a compilation of SOME of my favorite Khenris. Of course, there are so many more…as you know!

And what else am I into on this Friday?

The Juicy, Juicy Couture’s blog posted a little DIY on organic candles using an orange and olive oil. I so can’t wait to try that out! What’s your favorite in-home scent? I am so a spice girl (haha). I love the clove and cinnamon smells. It’s like Christmas all year round!

Favorite Runway looks. We’ve got Jean Paul Gaultier on the left, Givenchy (one of my all-time favorite designers) in the middle, and Diane von Furstenberg on the right.

And I love this brand Roots and have since I was in 7th grade. I’m so mad I gave away all my sweatshirts, sweatpants and tees I had from them. But luckily I kept my Roots scarf and beret. And here are some of my picks from their current stuff.

What else is fabulous on this Friday?

These are my wonderful grandparents, who’ve been married 52 years now? I think it’s 52. It’s over 50 at least! My grandma is so pretty. My daughter looks IDENTICAL to my grandmother and coincidentally was named partly after her.

Go out and make today beautiful!



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