Fusion 1-Year Bash & The Grecian

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Fusion 1-Year Birthday Bash last night! It was great! So many people and so much fun! I am so excited for Sara to have been in business for one year and here’s to many more, girlie!

I created The Grecian specifically to wear to this event. So here are some photos from the shoot with Sir Lucas Moser of The Grecian.

The Grecian is a hot pink stiletto with a black heel and gold triangular accent and a black and gold cap toe. There’s a decorative ribbon attached to the shoe that goes up the back of the leg and rivets placed in the shoe so that you can lace ribbons up the leg for that sexy look.

And here’s a couple shots from the party last night.

This was my pre-party look. I hit all the stoplights. I make traffic stop!

One of my favorite girlies and Khenri model, who modeled in the show last night.

My outfit for the evening. Guess sheer top and Khenri heels made for a perfect Khenri outfit!


If you want to be a Khenri goddess too, just email me keelia@khenri.com and we will get you hooked up!


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