Fans Write in with Their Questions Take 2

In this edition of Fans Write in with Their Questions – the questions come from author and smart-mouthed Boudreau Freret. You can find his blog here, but he hasn’t posted anything since 2011. Or if you want to follow him on the tweeter,

Honey Boo Boo is a proud owner of a Khenri tie, pictured here:

And then there is The Hole in the Head:

B: 1. Has anyone ever asked you to sign a glossy 8×10?
The answer is yes.

 B: 2. Yet?
I like how you took 3 questions to ask this. Ha.
B: 3. (Other than me?)
Yes, I have had other requests other than yours. Sorry to break it to you.
B: 4. I know that customers all over the world like tagging you in pictures of their Khenri’s, but who is your “main new design” model? Is that you in so many of those pictures?  Because if it is, day-um.
Oh my word, are you saying I’m conceited? Narcissistic? Obsessed with myself? You are CORRECT! I have been utilizing myself as my new design model. I also have been using a very talented young lady named, Mandy Mohr. She’s a very versatile model.
B: 5. Boxers or briefs?
I know what boxers are and they aren’t my favorite type of dog… but I haven’t heard of a brief? Are they tiny little dogs I could put in my GUESS handbags to carry around? If so, then yes I would prefer briefs.
B: 6. What other ways does your creativity express itself? Music? Architectural design? Writing?
Before I did art, I used to express myself creatively through writing. I will still write every once in awhile but not at the capacity that I once did. I wanted to be a graphic journalist actually and took some journalism classes in college. I love love music – of all types. Except for of the country persuasion. Other ways besides painting shoes is by putting outfits together. I find that that can share a lot about a person by what they choose to wear.

B: 7. In addition to single pieces and themed collections, do you ever just make somebody over? Like a one woman Queer Eye / Extreme Fashion Makeover? Do they have to be local? I’m asking for a friend. He needs the help.
I have gotten requests for persons to be made-over, but nobody has really followed through with it. I’ve done some personal shopping, where I’ve assisted people in choosing outfits and clothes that fit their body type. I do really enjoy doing that. You can give me a budget and we can talk about what you feel comfortable in and go from there. They do not have to be local. The great thing about 2012 is that we’re all connected via our IPHONES or ANDROIDS. Unless you are my parents, then maybe you have a trac phone that your daughter gave you but it never has minutes on it and is hardly ever turned on.

I would love to assist your friend. Even if he has a hole in his head.

B: 8. What’s your favorite position?
In baseball? Catcher. In soccer? I choose forward/center mid (those are the positions I played). In career? Graphic designer, which is my current position I hold during the day.
B: 9. As a designer, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck? If, of course, a wood chuck could chuck wood.
Go big or go home.

B: 10. Is it true that having a large head hole is couture-essential for 2013?
I will need to discuss this with Marc Jacobs first, but you have a pretty good chance.




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