The Grecian Barbie came to play

As Wiz Khalifa says.. work hard, play hard.

I couldn’t wait any longer to show you the new Khenri that is literally straight out the Khenri Lab.

It started as your regular, run-of-the-mill hot pink stiletto shoe. I’ve been thinking about designing a shoe like this for a couple of years. Last night it finally all came together and tonight it will be photographed by Sir Lucas Moser.

It started at the drawing board.










I knew exactly what I wanted to do. When I went to go look for supplies, I didn’t have the complete shoe envisioned, so the outcome was a treat.

Some of my shoe designs just flow and some are thought out and researched in great length. With any shoe that I design, I make sure that it is something that I would wear out before it leaves the Khenri Lab and into your hands. I always use the best quality of items and I continue to challenge myself to create things even better than the last. I take pride in my work and making my clients happy, but I also want to stand by my name and thus the reasoning for using high quality items. When you purchase Khenri you are not just getting a shoe… you are getting my heart, soul; my blood, sweat and tears. And also something that is uniquely your very own; a work of art to wear.

So how did I Khenrify this shoe?

1) Painted the heel black and added a gold point all the way down the stiletto.
2) Painted a black cap and outlined it in gold to match the gold pieces of the ribbon that goes up the leg.
3) Added gold attachments to the shoe that I could string ribbon through them to lace up the leg.
4) Added the gold and black decorative ribbon with gold attachments in it so that the ribbon could continue to be laced up the leg.

Voila! A Grecian Barbie Khenri shoe! I plan on wearing these to the Fusion 1-Year Anniversary Party next Thursday, so if you want to see them in person – you had better get your hiney down there!

I can’t wait for the photo shoot tonight so I can share with you some higher class photos for such a high class Khenri!


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