i want… YOU

Are you guys going to Fusion’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY?!?!

It’s next Thursday, August 2nd. Doors open at 5:30pm and there will be a Runway Show starting at 6.

So many cool things will be there.. cupcakes, drinks, a DJ annnd….

GIVE-AWAYS! I’m talking FREE.

It’ll be a really fun time and I’m so proud of Sara (Fusion’s owner) for working so hard and seeing her vision through!
Fusion was one of the first boutiques to carry a full-line of Khenri shoes.

Let’s help her celebrate!! 

I’ll be there with some shoes… and here is what I want from you! If you’re planning on coming to the party, I’d love if you would wear your Khenris there! If you do not own any or just feelin’ sassy, will you please contact me so that you can wear a pair from the Khenri Vault. A couple of which are brand spanking new. It’ll be easy. Just contact me (keelia@khenri.com) and tell me if you’re interested and what size you are.
If I have a shoe in your size, I’ll let you know the design so you can plan an outfit for it. Then at the event, you will check in and I will allow you to wear the shoe for the duration of the event. You must return it when the party is over though.

So give me a shout, girlies!


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