Fabulous Friday – What’s in my purse!

Let’s play “What it in my purse, yo!” for today’s Fab Friday..
These were the items that were kind of floating.. there were lots of others in there, but I figured I’d give you 1/3 of the items.

1.) A hot pink tablecloth… unsure..
2.) my phone charger.. I always am low on battery.
3.) Viva La Juicy lotion… smells sooo good
4.) LOLA by Marc Jacobs fragrance
5.) lipstick from Sephora… in a dangerously sexy red
6.) a business card carrying case
7.) wallet size pics of me!!! kidding… business cards.
8.) Express velvet jewelry pouch..so handy when traveling
9.) Givenchy earrings…my absolute favs
10.) SKULL RING from Fusion… my grandma hates it..but I LOOVE it.
11.) earrings from my BFF…the one from Palm Springs
12.) money rolled up… who knows.
13.) mini hairspray because it’s totally a necessity!
14.) Trina Turk sunglasses

In conclusion, I like to smell good, look good, and use tablecloths.. ha!


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