Shoes from Saks… Doy

I was putzing around the Saks website.. and I wanted to share all the shoes that I thought were amazing. But also to tell you that if you like these designer shoes, most of which are $600+ in price, but can’t afford them or don’t feel like you should spend that money on yourself – why aren’t you buying Khenris?? They are almost over half the price of the designer pairs…yet they are CUSTOM-DESIGNED. Um hello?!

Seriously… I love creating for YOU. I am not going to lie, I love creating designs for myself, but I do not go out that often to show off my shoes. But I bet you do! And if you are looking to grab some attention when you’re out… then a pair of Khenris is EXACTLY what you need. You’re not just going to get attention from women.. you’re going to get attention from the males.. they love the Khenri shoes.

And remember you can tell them – they were custom designed….for YOU. How bomb is that??

How do you get your paws on a pair? E-mail me ( to discuss what design you would like to do and we can get it going.

Why I like this pair: I love the light gray with the black floral design over top. Very chic and subtle, yet pretty.

I do not copy shoes, but a couple months ago I designed a wedding shoe that looks quite similar to this. I like mine better. Ha.

These are pretty cool too. I just did a bridal shoe with peacock feathers, but I’m not sharing it just yet… you can wait!

Oh D&G, you amazing! I love lace!

This is simple and gorgeous. Nude and black bow.

This shoe is awesome…. I think you know why.

These remind me of my Khenri sparkle flats that I have.

I’m actually wearing these today. Funny.

I love the gold tips! This is SOMEWHAT like The Spectator by Khenri.

Have a happy Thursday, you shoe loving friends!

And remember, don’t be afraid to ask me for pricing on certain designs or email me just to say HELLO!

Now go out and make today beautiful!


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