Fans Write In With Their Questions!

Dear fans, stalkers and creepy people on the interwebs—what’s up!

You all are more than welcome to write in and ask me questions that you want to know about Khenri. So here are some questions/answers from our friendly mover, bass-plucking, cat-loving, taco-constructing fan, Ben:

Ben: 1. How did you first come up with the idea for Khenri?
I am a black on black on black kind of gal. I only buy black articles of clothing and rarely wear any patterns or excessive amounts of jewelry. But I do love costume jewelry! So I had a pair of white heels that I had purchased over 6 years ago that I only wore once for an event (weird). I didn’t like them so I painted them black and added Marilyn Monroe (Andy Warhol style) over them. I texted a picture to some friends and they replied with “Where did you get those!?”

From there, Khenri was birthed.

Ben:  2. What is the main message Khenri is trying to get across?
 Celebrate your uniqueness! You don’t have to purchase something at the department stores that you will see another chick/dude wearing. No one will ever have a pair of Khenris that you own. I just can’t recreate things exact. That’s what makes them so spectacular. And I want you to embrace your uniqueness. If you think it’s weird that I paint zombie eyes on a pair of heels, I say “you go girl!” I want to make you feel beautiful and confident in YOUR personality, not mine…YOURS.

 Ben:  3. What seasonal themes have you done in the past, and what can Khenri fans expect to see in the future?
Winter 2012 I celebrated with the Pickfair Collection and then spring/summer with the Haute Collection. Fans can expect tons of stuff from me in the future… but I don’t want to share too much information..just yet!

 Ben:  4. Do you make more custom or pre-designed products these days?
I am still doing lots of custom work, which is a collaboration of the client and myself. Every once in awhile I create something just for fun. I like to keep challenging myself. But I love doing the custom work.

 Ben:  5. Other than through you’re website, where can we purchase Khenri products?
Fusion in Clive carries a couple Khenri items. By the way they are having a RAD 1-year Anniversary party on August 2nd. I’d love for you to come! But right now the best way to get your hands on some Khenri products is by contacting me via email, twitter, facebook.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask me any questions regarding pricing or what I can do.. I will work within your budget to help you get something you love and we can discuss designs, etc. so don’t be shy! Give me a shout!


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