it’s PIC FEST time – what’s in my purse

once again, these things accidentally end up happening.

An optical illusion. No pun intended.

Smoking guns.

Thinking about my next move.

Oh hi there little giraffes.

A coupon! I’m going to try and remember to use this.

I love this KHENRI t-shirt. It makes me so happy.

One two there, I lost count… fish always die.

I love stickers..

And neon colors are even bomber.

My turtle must have drank some redbull because she has WINGS.

8/7 Central wrote me a letter. Once.

I’m an artist. This is a sticker.

Lots of me.

More of me.

Anyone ever seen the episode of 30Rock where Jenna is dating the drag queen who dresses like her? See where I’m getting at.

Looking through the Juicy compact.

These are things I found in my purse.

I coached a U6 soccer team. We were winners.

Fitness water is delis.

I like this new Ralph Lauren fragrance but I what I really want is the free Polo hat that comes with it. I wonder if Candians think Polo hats are cool?

Lots of Sephora lip glosses and fragrances. I’m out of control.

When I wondered if Candians liked Polo hats, I was talking about you.

I’m watching you watching my pictures.

I can’t see anything with glasses.

VIP sesh.

If you were a status on Facebook, I’d like you.

Shh keep it down, boy.

Where’s the screen? I can’t see the screen?


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