heels & their owners

as a sequel to the previous post – i am going to showcase some of the shoes that i have done for previous clients.. for fun!

firstly, one of my gorgeous friends from florida was going to an event and needed a pair of shoes to match her dress. so she sent me a photo of the dress and left the rest up to me.

Based on the dress, I decided that I would create a shoe with the same swirl pattern and add a touch of sparkleness, because who doesn’t want to sparkle from head to toe?
So birthed The Enchantment.

I designed The Verano – the HAUTE shoe for the summer – based off a skirt that I had purchased. A black skirt with a hot pink band at the bottom and because I’m a designer and a nerd and enjoy the CMYK of things.

So here’s the skirt and shoes together.

Upclose: I created a hot pink flower with ribbons falling out of it and vintage buttons in the middles.

Other shoes I love:

The Napalm, based off FIGHT CLUB (one of my all-time favorite movies), for one of the funniest chicas I know. You can visit her blog at: http://harleymay.com/

And this Becka Diamond inspired spike pair, The Edge. Yes, those are real spikes.

The Scintillation, which has over 1,000 Swarovski crystals on it. Designed for a client for her bachelorette party.

I love this mens pair, designed for a hip hop lover. This is called The 808 and there are mixtapes on the side and the insides have been strung out across the entire shoe and in some places strung around to form the name 808 (which is the name of their t-shirt company). BOOM. You can find these RAD peeps on http://www.808shirts.com.

And a Habs pair, for the hockey lover.

And sometimes gooey eyeballs & zombie heads are the key.

I designed the next pair for Camille Styles, based in Texas, after her beautiful post on ballet. You can visit her website at http://www.camillestyles.com.

The Champagne was designed for Toya out in LA to wear for NYE on a yacht. She already knew what type of dress she was having, so she just needed a shoe to match.
Her dress was going to have lace and be a champagne color. So we incorporated lace on the toe and a lacey ribbon to wrap around her ankles, complete with stones on the back of the heel.

These next pair, The Desert, was designed for a fab photographer, Lani Garfield, in Palm Springs, California. The boot was designed for her to take on her trip to BURNING MAN.

One of my favorite, chicest designs, The Spectator, took a trip to San Francisco.

A lot of people ask if I get really weird shoe requests. I think some people are nervous their ideas will be too weird. Um, hello? Look at me! There is never anything too weird for me to work on! I’ve done eyeballs (as aforementioned) and this Dexter-inspired pair, called The Killer:

This pair was designed for actress, Abby Wathen (www.abbywathen.net) in Venice, Ca.

Ooh, The Bolo is a fun pair. The client wanted a “country” inspired pair of heels. So vintage bolo ties wrap around the ankle with vintage clips to secure them in place.

These 2 pairs The Hammer were designed for The Hard Hats High Heels gals. hardhatshighheels.com

If you’re new to the Khenri scene, what I do is take your ideas and make them a reality. I can match colors to your outfits or design something to match your personality. There are no weird ideas. And if you don’t have an idea, I can help create something for you to love.


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