in the KHENRI lab

I am SO excited for the nice weather. It is much more fun to create outfits based on your shoes when you don’t have to worry about bad weather!

Here are my most recent creations, as in, over the weekend! I got so pumped up on Friday that I just couldn’t handle myself. I was like, I’m doing a SPIKE pair. Mainly inspired by Becka Diamond. She is just one of those Don’t Mess With Me kind of chicks, and I dig that.








So I incorporated her edgey style into a pair of Khenris. Allow me to introduce, The Edge:











Yes those are real spikes from a hardware store… because… I’m hard.

Okay, so I love-love-love The Scintillation. If you don’t remember it, here it is:

And I know a lot of you have been asking about ordering this pair but get a little shy when I tell you the cost of the shoe. Well, even though having the ENTIRE shoe encrusted in Swarovski crystals is beyond amazing, I know, there are other alternatives to getting that bling-aspect without the cost of The Scintillation. So here is one example that I created. This is one of my favorite pairs of heels ever. It’s a suede shoe with hard plastic wedge and straps around the ankle. I bought to wear out to Palm Springs and ended up wearing them for quite a few of my costume changes. But I wanted it to be blingy, yet not overbearing – just like a little dainty bling. Like a “hey, I’m fancy”. Sooooooo….








The pictures are crap, I’m aware. And they totally don’t do the shoe justice. But I am OVERLY in love with this pair now. Yes, even more so than I was before.

So if you have an old pair of your shoes and you bring them to me – we can pick out a color of Swarovski crystals and lightly bling the crap out of them so you too can experience some “scintillating” feelings.

I also had a shoe order by my wonderful pal and Khenri model, Pete’s gorgeous girlfriend.  And voila:

Watch out for the hotrod going to be wearing The Hotrod! So excited I get to bring these gorgeous little puppies to their owner tomorrow!

And then I had another shoe order (both of these clients brought me their own shoes – which I LOVE revamping). These were cute little boots and she just wanted some stars on them. I must say, I really enjoy meeting my clients in person. Of course, I love talking to people over email or phone too. But it was really neat to see this upcoming client’s attire to our little Khenri meeting. It was great energy for me to feed off when doing her shoes. Her personality came through in her accessories and choice of color and even her makeup. So I was able to channel that and create a pair specifically for her.

What I thought was fun about these was although they are simply star-studded, when you put your feet together, they make a star. Aw!

And last but not least – this pair is So for sale. It’s originally a $125 shoe (The Celebrity), but it is on sale for $75 now and it’s a supped up version of The Celebrity. The jewelry lays across the top of your foot and then it also wraps around your ankle. You will SURELY need to watch out for the paparazzi when wearing these! They are a size eight and if you want them today, they are yours! Just email me or comment below and I’ll send them to you! I’d love for them to have a good home! You are also, of course, more than welcome to order this style in your shoe size.

So introducing….. The Celebrity on steroids:















Enjoy the rest of your Monday, lovies!





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