Fabulous Friday…is HAUTE

It’s no surprise this season I’ve been a little obsessed with big, bright colors & neons. It’s bold. And it’s definitely beautiful.

So neon top and my bright colored KHENRI sandals.

Close up of these bright KHENRIs.

With that, we welcome my new business cards, printed by Bindery 1.

And I guess you noticed i LOVE PINK.

Some bright signage. I wish I had this in my house.

All outfits need a little bright nail color!

Khenri Haute bracelets are a must.

Fun Khenri shirts like this Palm Springs inspired tee. Oh and these are the Khenri The Ethereal heels. Mwah.

Things like… my Fusion outfit for the Dress for Success charity event, where I was a Runway model. I realize the photo is blurry… probably for the best.

Tees, bracelets and clutches! Khenri has got you covered.

My 3 yo asked for a pair of the sparkly Khenris.. what Henri wants Khenri gets.

I love the subtly of these neons.

Don’t be scared to make some bold statements this season… and seriously let ME help you! I’d love to do more bright colored shoes… please please order something so I can create something FUN for you! You know you want to…


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