The Scintillation


You’ve all been asking about this pair. This is such a sparkly and gorgeous pair of shoes. I have a hard time concentrating on anything when I look at these and the light hits the Swarovski crystals – it’s like nothing else matters!

The story: A potential client emailed me a picture of a blinged out pair of heels that she was wanting for her bachelorette party. I took on the challenge and I’m so glad that I did! There’s about 6-8 hours put into these puppies and roughly 1,152 stones. I also love glitter so I suggested we add glitter to match on the platform and the heel and the sole. The client provided her own shoe for this project as well.

The price: This shoe is the most expensive shoe that I have produced to date. It is $350 if you are interested in ordering something like this, if I purchase a shoe. I’ve tried googling shoes similar to this and have not been so lucky to finding anything.

If that price is a little intimidating to you, we can always add the Swarovski crystals in minimal areas around the shoe and that will lower the price. Please email me at keelia at khenri dot com for details on that.

Also the color combos are endless! I am craving a cerulean blue encrusted shoe – I think that would be gorgeous! I don’t own a pair of these… but I would sure love to!

Here are a few shots of the shoe – thanks to Lucas Moser for her excellent photography and Charlie Byrd for her modeling.


Don’t hesitate to email me about ordering these. A 70% deposit is required upon ordering and you are MORE THAN WELCOME to bring me your own pair (which will lower the overall price as well).

Happy sparkling!




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