Sometimes these things happen…

Sometimes when I am left alone.. I get bored. But I usually am able to harness my boredom into creating something. Usually this gets me into trouble. But I’m very good at entertaining myself.

Need to make sure I’m hydrated with an
iced Americano (w a shot of cream) from Starbucks.

I like to look at this cute little turtle keychain
my friend Lauren brought back for me from Hawaii.

Then I fondly look at Desert Magazine because….

…my picture was in there.

I also like to look fondly at KHENRI product..
waiting to be shipped out.

I like to hug my new Betsey Johnson bag because
it has a cute little skull on it. Aww.


I love bracelets. I’m obsessed with bracelets.

Other things I love:
In this cute RL linen top that has a coffee stain on it.

Things that are really difficult:
figuring out which side my hair looks best parted on.
Synopsis: both ways.

If you stack highlighters together you
can easily create light sabers.

I drew this and it makes me laugh so hard.

Camera one…

Camera two…

Camera none…

I like people from this country:

My turtles are on a date… so cute.

I’m sexy and I know it.



This is my spawn… can you tell?

Oy.. what the crap is wrong with me.
NOTHING!  I’m fabulous!


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