Play 4 Kay event at Illinois State

I was contacted to participate in the Play 4 Kay event for Illinois State (see more info here on the organization: )

So I created a pair of shoes for the women’s coach and a handbag that would be auctioned off. 

[ Here is the link for a video recap from the game.  Once you’re on the site you need to click on sport in the “view by:” red toolbar.  Choose women’s basketball and then scroll down to the video that is titled “WJBC Redbird Recap WBB ISU vs. Bradley” the preview picture is pink. ]

And here are some of the photos from their successful event!

And here is Coach wearing her khenris.

I snapped a few close-ups while working on them – so here those are:

And those last two photos are of the handbag that was auctioned off.

And many thanks to LB Nagle and Coach Stephanie for sending me thank you cards and a beautiful, delicious cookie bouquet to thank me. That was completely sweet (no pun intended) and not necessary. I was happy to help out a great cause!



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