Day #4 in Palm Springs – Indian Canyons & The Viceroy

Day numero cuatro in Palm Springs was bittersweet, as I knew I would be leaving the next day. However, we had tons of things planned!

First stop was buying LARGE waters to make sure we would be well-hydrated for our hike in the Indian Canyons.

This is on Native American land. My mom would have LOVED it.

Hard to take a picture of this really cool boulder that curved over the road, so that you had to drive underneath it.

Hi, I’m Keelia and I like to hike. Um, also, I was a little leery of having to walk down this little hillside to get to where the hiking would begin…

Okay, how crazy cool does this look! I mean we’re in the desert and there’s little streams of water with this huge palm trees. Very Jurassic Park-esque.

I know not many people find this as fascinating as I, but hummingbirds! What’s cool about this is my parents used to take us as kids hiking/bird watching every weekend. We sometimes would even sit in an area and wait for bald eagles to fly by or perch. I really enjoyed that part of growing up.

This is just a cool shot of the sun shining through the mountains.

What’s up, I’m under a palm tree!

What’s up, I’m hanging from a palm tree!

Also – more wildlife! It’s not a mountain lion or a bighorn sheep… and we didn’t see any of those either. When I told Henri about the animals I saw on my trip, she asked if there were any camels.

Word! I had to climb up this thing for this photo op.

Some BFF action – an actual photographer with a huge camera/lens offered to take our pic here. But he didn’t know how to use my iPhone. And my GUESS tennis shoes got a little dusty. Oops.

Then while we were shopping in the gift shop, one of these little guys came slithering by! I was excited because I wanted to see a snake. And also because my BFF told me I was probably going to get bit by a rattlesnake so I was a little nervous anyway. The woman working in the gift shop ran right out, picked up this little feller and said “you’ve been hanging around here the past couple days – go home!”

After our strenuous hiking experience, we thought it’d be a good idea to hang out at The Viceroy by the pool. Oh, yes, pool. Plus, I was starving so I needed to get some food!

So I had some hummus and fresh fruit before jumping in the pool. And then warming up a hair in the hot tub.

I love The Viceroy! As you may know from my previous posts.

I also love my GUESS swimsuit. Guess, thank you for making amazing items that I love.

Here’s a few shots of the grounds of The Viceroy.

Then we went home and got ready for dinner at The Parker. I LOVE The Parker also. But it was really dark, so you don’t get like totally awesome shots. They have the best grounds to walk around. It’s like you’re somewhere else – straight out of a fairy tale.

This is the entrance to The Parker. Gorge!!!

And here are my favorite art pieces hanging inside. They’re huge; the pictures don’t do them justice.

I was so tired when we got home from dinner that I fell asleep right when we got home! What a loser I am!


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