Palm Srings Day #3 – I met Melvyn

Day #3 started out with some pool time

and then we drove out to Cabazon to do some light shopping. All the shops were great and they had a GUESS store – double win!

I also spent some time doodling in my new sketchbook.

After our shopping day, we headed to the Purple Palm for dinner. I indulged in some ‘mac n cheese’ which was absolutely delicious. I know that sounds childish, but shells in a white creamy cheese sprinkled with mushrooms and bread crumbs was nothing less than perfection.

It’s so great to be able to sit outside in these little cabanas.

After the Purple Palm, we decided to grab some dessert at Melvyn’s. The people who dine here are all over the age of 55 (unlike the ACE Hotel) and dress to the nines in fur coats and sequins and tuxedos. It is absolutely fascinating. They have a band playing and a small dance floor and those elderly people are just really into it.

The story with Melvyn’s is that a) there is a dress code [see exhibit A]

Glad my Armani sparkly purple top and Express column skirt and Guess wedges made the cut!

So on GRAND OPENING night a motorcycle rides up to the valet and an Ali McGraw and leathered-up Steve McQueen step off. They were denied access to the Opening, as they were not properly dressed. (They went home and changed and ended up returning an hour later.) INSANITY!

We engorged on cherries jubilee and a chocolate bomb dessert.

Anything that is caught on fire tastes delightful.

And Melvyn himself was listening to the band sooooo I got my picture taken with him and he said “a great looking couple”. PS: He still works out every morning at 5am.

While at Melvyn’s we met lots of different people. One gave us a, what she called, 50 cent tour of the grounds.

Can you spot Melvyn in this picture that is hanging outside by the courtyard?

He’s the one pointing at the camera. So cute.

And, of course, I had to do my Angelina Jolie pose:

Here are some of the people who have stayed at the Ingleside Inn (there are 2 large binders with pics/bios of all of them):

We continued to chat with quite a few locals and a female NASCAR racer from Toronto, among others, until we decided to change up scenery and head to the ACE HOTEL again for some more music. The Ace is seriously one of my favorite places. I think everyone should stay there. I was invited by a group of people to attend a birthday party, which I did for a short while. I left because they couldn’t figure out how to work the boom box. Ha ha. Oh tourists!

That was such a fun evening! Full of history and new faces!


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