Palm Springs Day Dos

Happy Saturday morning! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Yesterday was a fabulous day.

I started my day off by lying in bed watching Lifetime movies. You know if you watch the first 30 seconds of a Liftetime movie, you’re inevitably hooked for the next 2 hours.

Then we headed downtown and had lunch at this really cute spot called Lulu. I love the decor. Everything is white with touches of light color everywhere. It’s gorgeous. Of course, I had pizza and a salad, which were both extremely delightful.

What I love about Palm Springs is that every place pays attention to detail. All of the marketing materials, menus, bathroom signs – all of it is cohesive and designed very nicely. And being a graphic design, I am really intrigued by all of this. It is really important when marketing your business or venue to make sure everything looks nice – even menus. This will give your customers/clients a really great experience and something they will remember. A lot of the design work here has a lot of white space and everything is very clean, which is just the way I like it.

Then we snagged some frozen yogurt.

And then some light shopping in el Paseo.

There’s a new hotel out here called The Saguaro, which is totally hot. I absolutely love all of the colors. It’s gorgeous inside! So we scoped out the joint for a possible hangout spot later in the evening.

This sign below rules.

Then we headed to The Viceroy for dinner, where we engorged on hamburgers with caramelized onions and two different cheeses and arugula. Absolutely heavenly.

Here is my Kelly Wearstler pose at The Viceroy.

A) Kelly Wearstler’s Book Cover

B) My pose in the same spot

Then we headed back to The Saguaro to see what it was like at night. Equally as impressive!

I got to spend some great time with the beautiful photographer, Lani Garfield. Please check out her website here: – she does amazing work! So we got to have little impromptu photo shoots throughout the night.

Above: me in the lobby at The Saguaro.

After The Saguaro it was time to head to the Ace Hotel (I LOVE THIS PLACE) to listen to some la musica!

This is in front of the ACE sign.

Here’s a shot of the awesome band, Danny and the Scarlet Fevers.

And more random photos!

All in all – a fabulous evening!!!

Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday! I think I’m headed to the pool for a little sunshine and R&R.


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