Palm Springs Day #1

Yesterday I embarked on my journey from Des Moines to Palm Springs, Ca, where my best friend resides. Palm Springs is definitely one of my favorite places in the United States. It’s absolutely a paradise.

I flew into Denver… What a long day that was. I read the entire book Chelsea Chelsea BANG BANG, which was absolutely hilarious. I’m sure the people sitting next to me on both flights thought I was just an idiot because I kept laughing out loud. I would have laughed harder had I been alone.

The minute I stepped off the plane and into the Palm Springs airport, I was like MAN I LOVE THIS PLACE. The air felt great. The sun felt great.

We stopped at a little Mediterranean place for lunch and had some sausage pizza and a great Caesar salad with roasted garlic dressing. Since you can take your dog like everywhere here, I had to walk over a huge bulldog to get to my seat.

Then we did some light window-shopping at some of the furniture stores in Palm Springs.

I love me some Trina Turk.

House of 849 is really cool. There are like 8+ rooms set up that are all decorated and categorized with antiques. Some great artwork and statues. There’s this new place called ASI that does a lot of artsy and neon colored acrylics, which I just love!

Then we headed home and I took quick nap before heading to the hot tub. This is my new GUESS swimsuit (1 of 2), which is literally straight out of my dreams!

We then headed to Palm Desert for a little appetizer at Morton’s.

Delicious sliders. These little burgers were some of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The food out here is incredible.

Every Thursday night there is the Palm Springs Street Fair, much like the downtown farmer’s market in Des Moines. There are lots of musicians. And Native Americans making little toys and bracelets. Food from all over the world. Jewelry and art and photography. Everyone brings their tiny little dogs, who sometimes ride in strollers and wear sunglasses and little outfits. All of the shops downtown are open, so you can do late night shopping as well.

And pony rides. I can’t wait to bring Henri out here. She would so love it.

We had some amazing chicken gyros, tabouli salad, baklava, and some fresh squeezed lemonade for dinner. Followed by a decaf coffee for me, as I was freezing! I forget how cold it gets here at night and always forget to bring a warm jacket or scarf. Everyone else wears winter jackets (I know, crazy, right?!) and gloves. You can tell who lives here and who doesn’t by what they wear.

Then I accidentally bought this gorgeous patent leather bracelet. I just couldn’t resist. I also got Henri a little hand-stitched bracelet that says “Henrietta” on it. She’s really into bracelets now so I think she’s going to love it.

This morning I woke up at 5am unfortunately, but managed to fall asleep for a couple more hours before letting the sunlight in through the blinds and opening up the sliding glass door that goes out to my balcony. I grabbed a cup of granola and got some coffee and turned on the Lifetime network. Laying in bed watching an outrageous plot line and drinking coffee and blogging is the perfect way to spend my fabulous Friday morning. I plan on going for a run here in a little bit and then I have a full day planned, with lots of activities and visiting with some friends!

I so forgot to take photos of my outfits that I wore out to appetizers and street fair. So I’ll describe them.

Appetizer Attire: a see-through black cropped top that has lace on the shoulders and an open back with dark cuffed skinny jeans and a pair of suede GUESS wedges. I am sure you’ll see pictures of the wedges as they are my new favorite.

Street Fair Attire: The same dark cuffed skinny jeans with a Ralph Lauren black vneck shirt and a light-weight American Eagle striped cardigan, leather jacket, Prada scarf I had to borrow from my friend and my GUESS tennis shoes. Perfect for strolling around outside.

Have a fabulous Friday, my babies!



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