Fabulous Friday

It’s Friday again. Holla! So let’s talk about the things that I’m enjoying this week.

First, it’s FebruANY – so I owned this buffalo ranch chicken Subway sandwich complete with pepperjack cheese, banana peppers and onions.

Now that it’s spring – we can discuss all the spring lines! Kate Spade. Pardon my French. And this is absolutely adorable.

Betsey Johnson is always a home-run for me. I love the color palettes she uses and all of the detail. I love this for more than one reason (one reason being skulls).

Christian Dior. Oh my word. I can’t tell you how much I love this. The gradients and fluffiness is like… awesome.

Christian Dior again. I think this one is a total homerun. Everything is so perfectly pieced together. I love every second of this gown.

Christian Dior. I love layers of fabric and bows and black and whites and grays. So of course the last three pictures have been absolutely perfect.

Versace. The soft colors and lines of this collection are so subtle yet bold.

My hair in this picture. I am vain and this picture IS about me. Deal with it.

I am also LOVING on these suede platforms by GUESS. Yes, I buy shoes too! But only certain brands and GUESS is one that I cannot say no to.

And you know that I am in love with GUESS… here is the style of one of the swimsuits I bought by GUESS. Only mine is black and white striped and the strips in the middle are pink. And for all you women who know how hard it is to buy swimwear, these suits I bought were literally straight out of my dreams!

I like you, Tom Ford. And I really like your adverts.

And this Hermes ad is just flawless.

Oh great my Fabulous Friday took a turn for “Hi, I’m Keelia and I’m obsessed with advertisements.” So that’s where I’m going to cut you all off at. Enjoy your wonderful Friday, babies!



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