oh crap it’s me and me and me again

I may accidentally have like 700 photos on my phone….let’s just see what I get up to. 

Ralph Lauren + Gianni Bini belt

Leather jacket + shirt provided by the 808 crew + CK jeans + Steve Madden boots

CK jeans + riding boots + Gianni Bini belt

Givenchy earrings (the only earrings I will wear, sometimes Guess ones)

Limited jean jacket + brown dress + leggings + riding boots
I wear riding boots A LOT in the winter

In front of a Chanel poster

Fusion dress + Fusion coat + Khenri heels

Seven shirt + riding boots + Gap scarf

Roots hat + leather jacket from Limited + Trina Turk sunglasses

Khenri tee

leather jacket Limited + scarf from Von Maur + Ralph Lauren turtleneck

same as above but with SUNGLASSES
Really a girl just needs one fabulous and classic pair of sunglasses. Secret about me, these are prescription sunglasses. So if you see me walking around in them, I’m probably using them as eyewear and don’t want to switch into my other glasses. I’m not really that big of a toolbag.

I kiss dogs in my Betsey Johnson watch.

Christmas love in Ralph Lauren vest and Request jeans from Fusion

My grandma using binoculars at a restaurant. Hilarious.

Khenri shoes shipped to LA.

Roots hat + Khenri long sleeve shirt

Voluminous hair!

Ah mood lighting

This is what I do for fun.

Again – fun.

Ralph Lauren turtleneck + Gap mini skirt + Express tights + Betsey Johnson socks + Steve Madden boots + gunmetal necklace from Sahar’s

Yeah I went to lunch at Mezzodi’s looking like this.

Givenchy earrings + vintage vest + blonde hair!

Banging bodies and blood sucking babes shirt from 808 crew

is it 5p yet?

Yeah…I’m a nerd…a psd nerd. what up!

Gap dress + leggings + Limited jacket + riding boots

Wall in my bedroom of interviews/publications

Givenchy earrings + a braid my sister did

Betsey Johnson watch

this picture is so weird! khenri shoes + ck jeans

winter drawing of my daughter

Ralph Lauren turtleneck + Gap mini skirt + Gap socks + Khenri heels

I love coffee

I like hats and cropped jackets and pointing at people


I went to GVC, but I have this.

BCBG dress

Ralph Lauren top

I love soccer – these are mine.


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