Pairings Pt 2

If you are just joining us, this is Part Deux of what to wear with the new KHENRI Collection, The Pickfair Collection. Scroll down to the next entry after this for Part One. Remember that these shoes you see are on a winter sale too hot to pass up! They become available January 9th, which is only like a couple days away. Place your dibs now, as people are already claiming them. You can also request a shoe in your size (email me for pricing, as they will range).

The Harlow is a size 9 and is selling for $45.
This is industrial in a chic and dangerous way with gold chain wrapped completely around the heel and gold rivets strategically placed throughout the shoe along with zippers!

What I would see this shoe with is a dress with a chain on it. Wouldn’t that be cool? Otherwise I sweater dress with a belt would be adorable – I love the black and white one in the middle. And I love the next look of a thousand chains!Where to wear? Dinner with the girls!
Of course this shoe can double and be worn with cute capris or khakis.

The Clara is a size 10 and is available for $50. A soft gold-champagne glitter with the phrase “LOVE YOU” written on the heels in pink with gold accents and a cute little bow on the backs with a pink sole.

This might be a great little Valentine’s shoe fyi. I think it’d be perfect with any Betsey Johnson dress ever made ha, see above for proof.

This is the perfect, as stated previously, Valentine’s shoe but also birthday shoe. Basically a celebration shoe to wear out and about! Geesh, I wish it were my birthday soon!

The Grace – aww this PEEP toe platform heel is a size 8 and for $60. Eyeballs are looking out from every facet of this shoe- big, little and ones with eyelashes! Also Swarovski crystals and miscellaneous rhinestones. It has a red heel and cute little red lips on the sole, a delicate touch to offset the eyeballs.

What I’d love to see these eyeballs with – of course, a polka dot dress, why not!
Also jeans and blazer – super chic. It would tone down the vibrancy of the peepers.
How about all black with a white blazer? I love this idea! Would bring out the whites of their eyes – mwahaha.

The Brigitte is size 7.5 and your’s for $65. Animal print out of control! It’s creamy background just makes me so happy!

Here’s what I would like to see with this heel.

Cute khaki skirts or capris and a loose top. I’d go with everything bland, blocked colors and nothing too out of control so that there is enough balance with this particular pair. I really do love this pair – I just wish I wore a 7.5.


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