What I’ve done today (in pictorial form)…..kinda

Be prepared..

Drank a coffee from Palmer’s, after going to the socialmediaclub’s
get-together this morning…this was my third cup.

Then I ate some Hot Tamales. There’s really a science to
how you eat them so they don’t scorch your tongue.

Then, I of course, looked at my pictures on the Facebook.

I drank a Diet Coke from Casey’s.

Admired how gorgeous my hair looked. I got up at 5a to do it.

Looked through a loupe. Very cool to look at your fingerprints through a loupe.

Used the loupe as binoculars. Or a Levar Burton thing.

Played with my turtles.

Made a Diet Coke tower.

Ate at Subway.

Laughed at how stupid I probably look to passersby.

Put on lip stain.

Found a good adjective for myself.

Found a better adjective for myself.

Yes, these are my real lips.

Put lipstick on one of my turtles. She’s now a girl. Or in drag.

Found a straw Henri left and used it for eyewear.

Used this robot as an accessory.

More eyewear! So vogue!


Looked at my Pantone book.

Thought about my Pantone book.

Tried this face from a different angle.

Did some self-promoting…..to myself…

Gagged…a little.

It’s only 1:02p so who knows what could happen later!


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