Dining at Cafe di Scala = speechless

So a couple of my friends and I decided to try out Cafe di Scala, which is located in the Historic Sherman Hill District. Website: http://www.cafediscala.com/

I must say that my experience there was unmatched and absolutely divine. Of course, I was too busy going “mmm” and “are you kidding me-this is delicious” that I forgot to take very many pictures. The service was fantastic. The food was fantastic. The ambiance was fantastic.

I don’t know if you can see this – but we were sitting right by the window, where you could look out in the street. I loved this view! From this menu, we decided on taste-testing a few appetizers:

Romano di Melanazane: eggplant layered with marinara, bell peppers, onions and Italian cheesesThis was awesome. All the flavors so rich …. and thinking about it again, I’m getting distracted…

And then we tried

Zucchini alla Griglia: grilled zucchini and cheese cakes with garlic aioli and marinara

This dish was my personal favorite. I cannot even describe to you how good it was. I’m sorry I cannot find the right words to make this work. DELICIOUS. That’s all I got.

And of course we all know I love pizza so

Pizza Gusto: homemade pizza crust with seasonal ingredients

 So this was also incredible. Leeks, white sauce, pork belly and mushrooms. I mean, come on. It was like Extreme Pizza Eating.

Happy diners:I would highly encourage you to try Cafe di Scala out. But also, I would LOVE to hear what you had!





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