They Tried to Make me go to Rehab…. I said NO NO NO

This is the first year in my adult life that I actually organized a costume and went out for Halloween. I’m still not sure how I feel about doing this every year, but I gotta say that it was a blast! To complete my Amy Winehouse costume (may she rest in peace), I procured an Amy Winehouse wig (I am aware my hair could have gone as high as hers – as it looks pretty Amy-esque on a daily basis), I drew all of her actual tattoos, and put on some 5″ platform peeptoe stilettos and wore a wife beater and belt. Voila! Instant Amy!

I even carried around a pill bottle with tic tacs in it and a baggy of sweet n low. You’ll see where that comes into play later… Camille was a Border Control Agent and her husband was an illegal. Unfortunately, he was not wearing any authentic serapes but he did have on some pretty sweet Ostrich boots.

The hosts of the party were Dick Tracy and his pin-up girl.

And then Dick Tracy confiscated my baggy of sweet n lo. OH NO NO

All the girls look marvelous! 

And then this creepy old man followed me around for awhile. BEFORE PICTURE:


All in all, an excellent first-experience for Halloween. Cheers to the Pearsons for their fun organization and hosting! And Cheers to all of my great friends!

What’d you do for Halloween?? Should I do it again next year?


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