Wedding Bells | Type

I love when someone seeks me out. This bride had been looking for custom shoes for her wedding and no one would contact her back and/or the prices were exorbitant. She had seen me in Juice like last year and went to Tandem Brick to find me (as I once sold shoes/bags there).

Well, here is what we came up with for her wedding! Yay for happy endings and fairy tales!

The cool thing about Khenri is that you can have whatever you want on your shoes! They are your special shoes, for you alone. Are you getting married and want to make sure all your details are perfect? Let’s start with your shoes, lady!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells | Type

  1. These shoes are awesome! Very good job. I also paint custom shoes but I’ve stuck strictly to canvas shoes. My friend is getting married and she wanted to me to paint the bridemaids some shoes. I told her that I wasn’t sure because of the shoes not being vinyl. Looks like the shoes that you painted on are some type of viynal. What paint and/or sealant would you suggest? Thanks

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