I’m in love with Paul Meany & Mutemath

The long-awaited 2 years for Mutemath to come back to Des Moines, finally happened Saturday night at Vaudeville Mews. I’m still heartsick about it! Again, the best performance by any musician/band. I’m still high on life today. How am I going to go on living the rest of my life!?

Here are some shots from the show. And some videos. HOLLA. I will note the one where Paul and I make eye contact and I get handed a drumstick (it’s all on tape)! Okay, so I can’t load videos, but I took stills from it – so you’re welcome!!

 My date – as you can see she bribed someone for earplugs.

The paparazzi took this shot of me in my love trance.

This is where we made eye contact. Mmmmmhmmm I know that’s right! 

Am I a groupie? No. Absolutely not! But I am in love with this band. The music, the instruments, the auro. I listened to the song “You are Mine” and sang it to Henri inutero every single day. It helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life. Ever since then I have some sort of powerful connection with their music. Creepy? Meh! So, Paul, if you are ever in need of some attention – hey, I’m available to give it to you in person!



2 thoughts on “I’m in love with Paul Meany & Mutemath

    • Oh my gosh! Wasn’t it like the best show ever!! That is the second time I’ve seen them perform and every time it’s amazing!! And my drumstick is hanging up on a shelf in my living room 🙂

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