Trunk Show at Fusion

Thank you to all who came out to check out Fusion’s fall fashions and get a first-hand look at what is new in the Khenri world for Fall/Winter ‘11. As you know, since everything is so custom in the Khenri Lab, there are not many collections that come out. But for this particular season, I’ve created The Warmies, the cute little booties to wear out and about. I’m personally in love with them. You can order anything to be designed on them. Right now I have 3 sizes available immediately, and they would really like a home. But first, let’s have a little look at the Runway Show!

Here are all the shoes I brought into the Trunk Show. And they’re all for sale. Oh, and there’s me! Aw. I’m so cute.

After Round 1, I gave a little comedic speech. I stole the mic from the DJ.Those were just a few of the styles that we got a preview of. Lots of leggings, layers and adorable jeans. Don’t forget that there is a line of KHENRI shoes exclusive to Fusion. I’ve also designed 3 styles for Fall! These are super cute. I also was asked to sign a few autographs! 

And here’s what’s new from the KHENRI LAB!

The Lust is a size 9 and available now for $75.The Thorn is a size 8 and $75.This pair is my personal FAVORITE.The Siberian is a size 7 and also $75.Meet the Ballet, size 7.5 for $50.The Celebrity is a vintage look with chains that lay across your tops of your feet. This particular shoe is a size 8 and available now for $50! (My celebrities run about $95-125 so this is a TOTAL steal!)

The Link is a size 8 and yours now for $40.

Available at Fusion:

The Motorist

The Lani

The Fall


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