I love my sweet baby

I don’t do this very often, or at all. But these are some pictures (they’re too cute not to share) of my gorgeous daughter and myself. We rarely ever get our picture taken together, so this was pretty special to see how awesome these turned out. Originally the night was a photo shoot for my birthday invitations, but inevitably it turned into “MY TURN” and someone else wanted their picture taken. See below for more of THAT. I would like to say that maybe I taught her everything she knows, but obviously I did not. My favorite picture of her and I is the one outlined in black. Now let me preface this… it was going along fine. She’s too cute anyway. Until I said “Pose.” Now you can see which one she was posing for. She threw her hands above her head and made a kissy face?? What?? But I guess when you’re around models on a regular basis (and photoshoots), it makes it difficult to know how real life is… HAMany wonderful thanks to Adrienne Gross for her photography skills!




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