The Ride | I’m on one

These bad boys are my personal Khenris. Watch out Steve Madden. I love incorporating the different tones of metals and love mixing blacks/browns together. It is sometimes very difficult to find the right brown to match my brown belts and the clothes in my closet (which I really only use brown as an accessory, not a staple). But I truly love the versatility that the different metals give. I’m wearing these boots today with a mini-skirt that has gold buttons. Tomorrow I could wear the boots with silver accessories and it wouldn’t look out of place.

These are my total must-have for fall. I’m crazy about them.

Here are what the boots looked like PRIOR to them getting KHENRIFIED. 



2 thoughts on “The Ride | I’m on one

    • Ay, no I usually get too excited and don’t do before/afters. But maybe I should! These ones were just plain black boots. And I added the copper/brown paint and then rivets and chains to them. Maybe I should find a pic online of the boots….. 🙂 Thanks, Anna!

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