Shoes for Lani | Photos by Lani

Happy Friday, everyone!

This week has been super hectic, with new projects on the rise and completing existing ones. And although hectic, it’s been a positive week! I am contributing one of these positive factors to Lani, who received her shoes this week and took some photos of them. I am very excited to hear all the feedback she gets from Palm Springs, Ca., about the shoes, and to see pictures of her with her coordinating outfits!

Lani takes gorgeous pictures, and as you know, is responsible for the picture that was taken of me for Desert Magazine. She takes gorgeous photos at several events and also does wedding photography, if you are in the Cali area and in need. If you have yet to go to her website, you should probably check it out.. 

She will be going to Burning Man next week and I cannot wait to see all of the pictures from that event!!!! I think The Desert gets to ride along for that trip as well! BIG TIME YAY!

So without further ado, here are the pictures she sent me of her shoes…….. VOILA!

Much love to you all. Enjoy this fabulous Friday! xo


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