What I’ve been up to… cause it’s a lot.

I’d so love to share with you the shoes that I’ve been so fervently working on for Fusion, but I will do that after the Grand Opening event tomorrow. So Friday be on the lookout. It’s kind of like a surprise! I will tell you there are 5 styles to choose from and you can order your size or something to match your recently purchased outfit from Fusion. I’m telling you, these clothes are super cute! I already have my eye on a couple dresses and tops and of course a couple pairs of jeans!

On top of getting the 18 pairs done for Fusion, I had a few other orders to fill as well. One of my favorite people needed some flats – so meet The Audrey: And then someone ordered a Prince inspired heel. Hopefully we’ll have pictures of her in the outfit she wears them with. But meet The Prince:And the owner of Fusion, Sara McConnell (hope you’ve been keeping up with all the articles about her in the DMRegister and the Altoona Herald, and who are we kidding here – me too!) ordered a special spiked pair as well. Meet Sara’s Mambo:

I have not photographed the next few I’m working on. But REALLY super stoked about them. It’s an ENTIRE bridal party of 8!!! These shoes are SO super cute too. Zebra print + flowers. I’m so in love! Be on the lookout for those – and can’t wait to see the wedding photographs too (will have to wait til September for those).

The KHENRI factory has been busy. Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow evening. Don’t forget that there are some shoes in stock also that need homes. Meet The Betsey. She’s a size 8 flat. And only $30. And also meet The Skulls, a size 7.5 heel with a delicious ankle strap.

Picture doesn’t do these babies justice. The eyes and noses of the little skull babies are rhinestones.

Also, someone please take this home with them! It’s originally $40 but if you mention that you saw it on this post, I’ll gladly give it to you for $25. 

Remember you can always swing by the KHENRI factory and try on shoes, shirts or test out the handbags. Always welcome and I’m sure I have a few cold beverages and appetizers I can whip up if you want to stop by!

With that,


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