Pad-see-ew a success

I’m sure you were all dying to know what happened with my Thai making skills, so I’m letting you know.


Like big time success, which I must say, was a big surprise to me. My guests were equally as impressed.

What I did? I purchased pre-cooked chicken pieces, broccoli, egg noodles and eggs. While the noodles were cooking on one burner, I was frying 2 eggs in oil on another. After the eggs were fried up and cut into pieces, I threw in the chicken and shuffled them around. Tossed in a generous amount of minced garlic and the broccoli and the noodles. Then threw in soy sauce, red pepper, cayenne pepper, white pepper and garlic salt – to taste. Done. That was it. It was spicy as we were sitting around the dining table sniffling. Here’s a picture of the beautiful dish. Yeah, I already know my blackberry camera sucks.

Come over next time for dinner!


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