What I’m Cooking For Dinner |

I love Thai food. If you live in the Des Moines area, Cool Basil is one of the best places to get it. Thai Flavors is a swift runner-up, as they are owned by the same person. Regardless, I love it. My favorite dish is pad-see-ew with pork 2 stars.

So I was rummaging around the interwebs and found a recipe for pad-see-ew and I’m having a couple friends over tonight and I’m going to attempt to create this. Of course, I always have trouble with recipes because I do not follow them. Ever. I just use them as a reference really.

Now obviously I do not have a wok and I’m nervous about the amounts of oil to be used in this dish and also it will not take me the 2 minutes that it should. But luckily there is a Little Caesar’s Pizza that just went up down the street from me, so we have that covered in case an issue should arise.

This is the website that I got the video/recipe from:


Wish me luck!! And I guess, my guests too! Ha.

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