Day of the Dead | What I’ve Been Up To

Skulls, hibiscus flowers, foliage and little heart noses. All of these, as you know, are a staple in my household. From the artwork on my walls to the art on my feet; I love Day of the Dead everything! As you may know, when we lived in our loft downtown we had all of our Day of the Dead stuff out and on display. Guests would come over, some mortified and some thinking I am just a creep! But the aesthetics of DOD themed artwork is what I am most intrigued by. I love black and white and I love bright colors and this marries the two into a beautiful pair!

When we decided to move, I thought it might be safer to keep my DOD objects to myself; in my bedroom. My grandparents came over to check out my new place and shrieked with “KEEEEELIAH!” and then left the room. Oops. Ha.

As much as I tried to keep the skulls and flowers in my bedroom, they have managed to leak out into the rest of the household. And my collection is starting to grow. Feel free to gift me with DOD stuff to add to it! I’d be honored; even if it’s just a postcard or a small item that you find insignificant. I bet I’ll love it! Just a hint. My birthday is kind of coming up… just a thought.

The Oracle and La Muerte have become my biggest sellers at the KHENRI factory. Which I am more than pleased about! This piece is for a very special birthday gal! Tomorrow we celebrate her birthday and if she isn’t on facebook/interwebs tonight – then she will be shocked to see these tomorrow!

And another pair – these beauties are for sale — $50. I know – that’s like a steal, right? They have pink accents, pink heel and a pink ankle strap. Some of the skulls’ eyes are multi-faceted rhinestones, as are the little heart-shaped noses. So cute. Size 7.5 and about a 3.5-4 inch heel. I mean totally HOT. I’d love for them to go to a good home. And be loved. Will you be the one to love them? E-mail me ASAP if you’re interested ( These do tend to sell pretty quickly, so get on it!!

I recently received another Oracle order as well – you’ll be seeing those hot mamas here pretty soon. We’re talkin platform heels. Mind blowing.


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